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Support Videos

Encouragement from Dr. Karen Erickson (1:03)

Dr. Karen Erickson talks about using Readtopia to extend language and literacy instruction.

Readtopia: First Things First with Dr. Allison Dennis (5:21)

This video for parents who would like to use the demo site to support learning from home.

Readtopia: Virtual Teaching Model with Laura Cuthbertson (5:05)

This video for teachers who currently use Readtopia.

Readtopia: How to Download Readtopia Graphic Novels (1:03)

Readtopia: How to Add Your Graphic Novel to Google Classroom (2:57)

Readtopia: How to Download Student Materials (1:38)

Readtopia: How to Add Readtopia Assignments to Google Classroom (2:54)

Readtopia: How to Use Loom (2:08)

Thematic Units