Graphic Novel Printing Instructions

The Readtopia Graphic Novels and the Authentic Literature that anchors each thematic unit are located in the Unit Resources tab (on the left side of the screen) for each thematic unit. Printing options include:

Single page graphic novels on Unit Resources page

Single Page Style Setup

Print graphic novels in single-page, 8-½ x 11 format

  1. Download the graphic novels (all levels) PDF .zip file OR choose to download only those individual leveled graphic novels you need.
  2. Follow your printer’s instructions to print in 8-½ x 11 format (check the “Scale to Fit” option so each page of the graphic novel fills an entire sheet of paper).


To print in booklet format, you can follow your printer’s instructions to print the single page set up as a booklet OR you can use the Booklet Style Setup below.

Booklet Style Setup

Graphic novels are laid out as a booklet

  1. Download the graphic novel booklets (all levels) PDF .zip file OR choose to download only those leveled graphic novel booklets you need.
  2. Print using standard printer settings:
    • Under the Preferences section
    • Click Basic
    • Click Landscape
    • Click Layout
    • Click 2-Sided and Left Bind
    • Click Flip on Short Edge (if the option is available)
    • Click Finish
    • Click Center Staple and Fold

Booklet style graphic novels on Unit Resources page

You will have to identify in your printer Preferences where these options are located.

If your printer does not have a Finish Option, fold pages in half to assemble your booklet.

Once printed, your subscription gives you permission to copy the number of leveled graphic novels you need in order to provide a personal (appropriately-leveled) copy to each student.


Remember to celebrate and provide the next level of graphic novel to your students as their skill set increases. You can also provide a lower-level graphic novel to support a student who is struggling to read at their assigned reading level. (Have your student read the lower-level graphic novel to build confidence and background knowledge and then try reading their assigned level text.)

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