Learning Letters Alphabet Instruction Lessons

Learning Letters offer teachers an explicit approach to alphabet instruction for Emergent level students. These lessons use an adapted Enhanced Alphabetic Knowledge routine developed by Jones and colleagues (2013), which include strategies by Erickson and Koppenhaver (2019). These explicit and effective instruction lessons of letter names, shapes, and sounds also focus  on the application and use of alphabetic knowledge.

Designed to be taught daily, Learning Letters lessons present a new letter each day. A consistent 4-step instructional routine is repeated over the course of five instructional cycles. Each cycle varies the order of letter instruction based on features that make letters easier—or harder—to learn. Unique practice activities included in each of the five cycles engage students in the application and use of alphabet knowledge, and provide variety within the context of a consistent instructional routine.

The Learning Letters approach to teaching alphabetic knowledge provides repetition and practice that is distributed over time to support deeper learning, application and use (Jones & Reutzel, 2012).

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