Alphabet / Phonics Instruction

Students with multiple levels of complex instructional needs, who all reside in a single classroom, require differentiated phonics instruction. Readtopia provides you the capacity to differentiate your instruction by choosing from Learning LettersMaking Words Lessons, Making Words—Independent Lessonsand Word Study Lessons. You have the freedom, support, and modification strategies to successfully and simultaneously, address the needs of the varying student ability levels in your classroom.

This chart is a suggestion of what lessons will support your students’ ability level.

Readtopia Alphabet / Phonics Instruction Lessons

  Middle School / High School Students Upper Elementary Students
Emergent Learners Learning Letters Learning Letters
Transitional Learners Making Words Making Words
Conventional Learners Word Study Making Words—Independent Phonics Instruction

To learn more about Learning LettersMaking Words, and Making Words—Independent, click the headers under Alphabet / Phonics Instruction.

Word Study Lessons are aimed at meeting the instructional needs of your Conventional level students. They are designed to further students’ ability to decode fluently and to stimulate language curiosity as they:  

  • Begin to see the meaningful chunks in words 
  • Learn to add prefixes and suffixes to root words
  • Make compound words
  • Learn to generalize and apply effective strategies when approaching unknown and more difficult words

The Word Study Lessons are located within each Readtopia unit. These lessons are specific to each unit.

Thematic Units