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Level E

Emergent Readers...

  • are beginning symbolic communicators
    • use pictures and gestures
  • may have communication systems that allow them to make choices, requests, and comments
  • are in the early stages of print awareness
    • recognize a book if it’s upside down
    • understand that text flows left to right, top to bottom
  • want to be engaged during Shared Reading interactions
    • enjoy and show interest in a story read to them
  • interact with appropriately-leveled text
    • simple sentences (Noun + Verb + Noun)
    • average sentence length, 4 to 6 words
    • may identify some letters and some letter sounds
    • benefit from labeled pictures
Level T

Transitional Readers...

  • have a flexible means of communication
    • use speech, sign, and/or symbols
    • initiate communication
    • make predictions and retell important parts of familiar stories
  • make connections between spoken and written words
  • are interested and engaged during longer Shared Reading interactions
  • can independently read familiar words and predictable text
  • interact with appropriately-leveled text
    • simple sentences (Noun + Verb + Noun + Noun) and early complex sentences
    • average sentence length, 6 to 8 words
    • identify most letters and letter sounds
    • identify several sight words and familiar words
    • benefit from labeled and captioned pictures
Level C

Conventional Readers...

  • engage in more extended discussions about text
    • use flexible means of communication
    • make text-to-self, text-to-world, and text-to text connections
  • have an extensive sight word vocabulary
  • use a variety of strategies to decode words
  • participate in guided and/or independent reading of unfamiliar texts with comprehension
    • average sentence length, 8 to 12 words
    • longer sentences include a variety of complex sentences
    • read texts at a 2nd or 3rd grade reading level
    • benefit from pictures and illustrations that support the text