Leveled Reading

Readtopia graphic novels:

  • The same age-respectful content is delivered at differentiated reading levels
  • Vivid illustrations support comprehension and learning 
  • Senses are engaged as students experience the world through text and images
  • As skills develop, students move up incrementally through reading levels
  • Pride, confidence and engagement is brought out as students explore the same content as their peers in general education

  Research Says ...

“…the pairing of words and images gives learning a boost by creating new memory pathways and associations. ‘Research shows that our brains process and store visual information faster and more efficiently than verbal information.’ ”

Encourage Mindful Reading

Use the Independent Reading Tool (IRT) each time students read their graphic novel. This tool guides students to make connections to the story and to track their reading volume. Use the same IRT during the reading of the whole story to get an a cumulative picture of a student's progress.

Independent reading tool
Independent Reading Tool

Thematic Units