Don's Vision

Don Johnston inside a volcano in Iceland
This is me on-location inside a volcano–part of Readtopia

This is something I’ve wanted to do for as long as I can remember—change the way students learn and equip teachers with the resources they need to make learning to read an experience.

When I discovered how to make movies in my head, it transformed my experience as a student. I didn’t have a problem learning when I saw. When reading, I had to transform the words on the page into visual images. Then I got the point.

With Readtopia, you will take students on-location throughout the world as they learn to read through original video, activities, and graphic novels.

  • We take students down 1,000 feet in a submarine as we learn about oceanography.
  • We hear from Sacagawea to understand the journey Lewis and Clark faced heading west.
  • We experience a reenactment on an actual Civil War battlefield to experience the harsh realities that shaped the history of our country.

Readtopia leverages experience to support and reinforce reading instruction.

I hope you enjoy the experience of Readtopia as much as I enjoy putting it together with the Readtopia team!

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